Lucy Tukua 

Cultural Design and Engagement / Regenerative Practitioner

Lucy is of Ngāti Paoa, Ngāti Whanaunga and Ngāti Karewa descent. She is a child of Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland and is instrumental in supporting the protection of cultural heritage and advocating identity through storying of place. She has been serving her people for many years in both tribal governance and operations. With a passion for design her core work is to support Māori to 'see their faces in their places'. She acts as the conduit between Government and local bodies and private developers in their engagement with Māori and in particular those Iwi (tribal authorities) in Tāmaki Makaurau. She was core to the development of a national Māori Outcomes framework in 2004. Today we see the benefits of that work, with the presence now of strategic Māori policies that ensure that not only cultural engagement is provided for but also enabling the manifestation of cultural expression and staff employed as Māori Outcomes Managers.

Lucy is a founding member for Ngā Aho, a national collective of Māori creatives and is their representative on the Auckland Council Urban Design Panel reviewing large scale projects across Auckland. In her NativebyNature consultancy capacity, she has supported Auckland Council's Panuku Development in the establishment of their Placemaking work to ensure the presence and voice of Iwi as treaty partners is both heard and that their cultural narratives are manifested. She is also a founding member of the Maori Housing national peak sector body.

A mother and grandmother, she is passionate to ensure her grandchildren and their grandchildren can see their faces in their places.

Mana Whenua and the Design Process

Sea Change-Tai Timu Tai Pari Marine Spacial Plan_Mana Whenua Perspective

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