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Art of City Building


Art of City Building (AoCB) is a conference designed to inspire conversations around people, design and placemaking.

This is the second visioning event in a planned series of public conversations that will bring together local, national, and international thought leaders who will share their experiences, connect to Halifax, and aim to challenge thinking.

What is the Halifax we want to be?

This is a central question at a critical time in our city’s history. This is a time of dramatic change, new development, new investment, activity, and growth. This is happening alongside a fear of changing identity and the practical and significant challenges of a city under construction.

The conference will explore our ability to achieve broad community development objectives around topics such as placemaking, future technologies, driving innovation, designing accessible, safe streets; promotion of art and culture; preserving history; creation of public spaces and bike lanes; the important role of real estate development, density and private investment in city building efforts, as well as the subtle details that touch the individual lives, health and happiness of our citizens. 

By engaging diverse audiences in respectful, aspirational conversations, the conference will aim to expand the conversation and contribute to the development of a shared vision for Halifax that is inclusive, that honours the past, that inspires new ideas and embraces our future Halifax. 

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AoCB2018 Presenters:

Ethan Kent (New York)

Ethan Kent
(New York)

Charlot Schans (Amsterdam)

Charlot Schans

Julia Day (New York)

Julia Day
(New York)

Indy Johar (London)

Indy Johar

Bianca Wylie (Toronto)

Bianca Wylie

Jayne Engle (Montreal)

Jayne Engle

Hans Karssenberg (Amsterdam)

Hans Karssenberg

Matthew Claudel (Cambridge)

Matthew Claudel

Martin Arfalk (Stockholm)

Martin Arfalk

Joe Minicozzi (Asheville)

Joe Minicozzi

Matt Hebb (Halifax)

Matt Hebb

Jesse Rodgers (Halifax)

Jesse Rodgers


Art of City Building is a free event, registration is required.


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Speakers Walking Tour
Starting at Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Conference Daytime Sessions ~ Our Place
Paul O'Reagan Hall,
Halifax Central Library

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Conference Evening Session ~ Our Place
Venue: Halifax Brewery Farmer’s Market

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