Kathy Madden

Founder of PlacemakingX, The Social Life Project, and Project for Public Spaces

Kathy Madden is an environmental designer and founder of the Placemaking Fund, PlacemakingX, The Social Life Project and Project for Public Spaces (PPS). During her time with PPS, Kathy was involved in all aspects of the organization’s work, directing over 300 research and urban design projects and training programs throughout the U.S and abroad. Until 2018, she also served as director of PPS’s Placemaking Training and Public Space Research and Publications programs.

Kathy has co-authored and written both books and articles, including the PPS best-selling publication How to Turn a Place Around, which has now been translated into Czech and Japanese. She has lectured extensively and conducts, in conjunction with other PPS staff, PPS’s semi-annual How to Turn a Place Around training program in New York. While at PPS she taught for six years at the Pratt School of Architecture Graduate Program in Urban Design.