Hans Karssenberg

Partner at STIPO, Editor at The City of Eye Level, Amsterdam

Hans Karssenberg (1970) is founding partner of STIPO, public developer, placemaker, advisor and trainer, and co-initiator of The City at Eye Level.

STIPO is an interdisciplinary team for urban development and placemaking. STIPO offers an open window to a better city. We work on area development, city wide strategies, social innovation, the city at eye level and placemaking. We work for cities, communities and civic initiatives, private developers, NGOs and knowledge institutes. We are based in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Thessaloniki. Within Europe, we are co-founder the European Placemaking Network, and of the network re:Kreators.

The City at Eye Level is a worldwide program for improving cities, streets and places. We let buildings contribute to the quality of public space with their ground floors (the city at eye level). We turn streets, plazas and areas into places where people feel at home and want to stay (placemaking). With local communities, we develop and implement strategies for human scale in cities, area development, streets and plazas (co-creation). The method combines use, design and organisation (software, hardware and orgware).

With knowledge as a fundament, we help cities and their partners to develop strategies to create and improve their own great City at Eye Level. We share our knowledge open source, online and through the City at Eye Level books.

Twitter: @hanskarssenberg
Books: The City at Eye Level Series
Example Lecture:

After the conference, Hans and Charlot were kind enough to prepare an ‘8 Actions to Get the Cogswell Interchange from Adequate to Extraordinary’ document based on the conversations at Art of City Building and their experience in Halifax. Thank you to Hans & Charlot for continuing the inspiring conversations and offering this valuable perspective. This is worth reading and offers valuable perspectives on city building we were seeking through the AoCB conversations.