Tyke Tykesson

Architect, City of Malmö

Tyke Tykesson is the Project Leader for Comprehensive Planning at the Strategic Department of the City Planning office in Malmö. Tyke studied Architecture in Lund and Glasgow, History of art and History of Ideas at University of Lund. He has been working for the municipality of Malmö since the 1990s with different planning tasks as well as historical surveys.  

Tyke has been involved in a number of projects including: Bo01 housing exhibition area and temporary exhibition, Western Harbour, Malmö (planning assistent, 1997–99), Sege Park – Östra sjukhuset, Malmö (Detailed plan 2005), Station Triangeln – UMAS – MEDEON, Malmö (Master plan 2006-2008), and Comprehensive plan for Malmö (2009- ongoing). He also has published of books including:

  • The Architects who formed Malmö – a Modern City is Emerging 1878–1945
  • Maps of Malmö – from the 16th Century to the Present
  • Malmö in Shimmer and Shadow – Architecture and Urban Planning 1945–2005